To acknowledge the services the library is dedicated to Zaheen Ahmed who devoted his entire working life to the cause of Art Education. A graduate of the KSA in 1974, Zaheen remained at the school as a dedicated teacher for the rest of his life. He continues to be sadly missed by faculty and students alike.

The KSA library has a rare collection of books related to different fields of Art and Design and various other subjects. You may find a colossal variety of books covering numerous aspects of the various fields of the creative industry, which provides extensive facilities to maximize knowledge and enhance competence. There are more than 3000 books in the active inventory, some of which are very distinctive. Many of the books preserved in this library are original editions and great effort has been put in to develop such a collection of unique and prime quality books. Many of the collection items are a rare find in the market. The library is primarily accessible for reference; however a number of books are also available for the students to issue.

The Library also maintains an Audio/ Visual section. It has a collection of documentaries, movies, e-books and many video related to art and relevant subjects.

Each student is provided with a library card at the beginning of the academic term, which needs to be renewed annually. For easy and prompt access, all books are catalogued.

The Library is primarily meant for bonafide students, faculty & staff members of Karachi School of Art. The outsiders from other university/institution may be allowed only with the written prior permission of the Librarian for a limited period. They shall, however, have to consult the documents within the premises of the library.

Library Staff
Library Timings
  • Monday to Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Karachi School of Arts has long provided pioneering education in art and design. However, it is also an institution struggling to keep up with changing times and in its effort to modernize, KSA has transformed its gallery into a space which can be utilized by contemporary artists to create visual dialogues. Exhibitions will be held on a monthly basis, providing emerging artists with a platform to reach out to the public.

Being part of an educational institution, the gallery will contribute by familiarizing students with the key issues emerging in contemporary Pakistani art and the new critical methods which artists are using to engage with contemporary issues. Lectures and seminars will be a regular feature, encouraging students to undertake an active consideration of artworks while resisting simplistic conclusions and binary thinking.

The KSA Gallery encourages new experimental art, and hopes to bring forth unique exhibitions. It provides a critical space for artists to exhibit, and for visitors to explore the art on display.

Ali Imam Resource Center 

The Ali Imam Resource Center has been funded by the help of the Ali Imam Trust. The aim of the center is to endorse research and scholarship focusing on Pakistan, Subcontinent and Islamic world. Therefore materials and resources in print and digital form has been collected and made accessible for students and teaching faculty in this resource center.

The centre is also open for outsiders; students, artists, educationists, etc. however, prior permission is mandatory. It is a reference only centre and books and other resources are accessible on centre only. Centre also provides scanning and photocopy facility for convenience.

For Permission Contact

Romila Kareem
Coordinator Academics

Transport facility is available at Karachi School of Art for both morning and evening students. The transport system consists of a fleet of van covering vast areas of the city. The transport facility for the KSA is managed with special emphasis on comfort, safety and punctuality. The transport facility is available to students at highly affordable rates paid to the drivers directly. The administration closely monitors the transport service and ensures satisfactory service at all times.

Nawab Transport0305-3134516
Gulistan-e-Johar, Shah Faisal, Alfalah,Malir Cantt, Model Colony, Malir 15,Safora Goth4500 to 6000
Sher Ali Transport0333-2143741
Gulshan-e-Iqbal & F.B. Area4500 to 6000
Ajmal Transport0301-2741754
Nazimabad, North Nazimabad, Hydri,Paposh, Sakhi Hassan, North Karachi,Buffer Zone4500 to 6000
Saleem Transport0333-3091940
Gulshan Bl-14, Jail Road, Jamshed Road,Garden East & West, Civil Hospital &M.A. Jinnah Road4500 to 6000
Shahid Transport0315-2155433
Clifton, DHA, Gizri4500 to 6000
  • These are contractual transport service and not owned by Karachi School of Art
  • School only monitors transporters’ performance and timings
  • Fee and charges related matters to be directly dealt with transporters
  • Holidays and vacations charges are payable to transporters

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