Drawing & Painting

Six Months Diploma

Discover how to make drawings and paintings which reveal something about you and the world you inhabit. Our Drawing and Painting course involve new ways of looking, learning, practicing techniques, exploring ideas and instilling expression.

Students are introduced to a variety of techniques and ideas, exposed to several art-historical and contemporary Drawing & Painting practices, and challenged to develop a studio process that involves both formal and conceptual impact.

Drawing & Painting classes are interdisciplinary in that they allow, if not emphasize the use of multiple materials and/or techniques in the production of a successful art piece or body of work. Students come away with a strong studio skill base, an engaged conceptual framework, and an ability to take part in the exciting discourse of contemporary Drawing and Painting.


With more than 30 years of teaching experience, he continues teaching as his passion. He is equally comfortable in teaching drawing, painting and sculpture. After completing is diploma in Fine Arts from KSA, Hameed Ahmed started teaching and later served as Head of Fine Arts department at Karachi School of Art for many years. Many famous artists including AQ Arif, Salman Farooqui, Qamar Siddiqui, Shazly Khan, Danish Raza, Danish Ahmed and many more were once his students.



Course Content


  • Perspectives
  • Still Life (Geometric & Organic objects)
  • Light & Tone
  • Movement & Light
  • Materials & Surfaces
  • Composition
  • Measurement & Proportion


  • Preparation of Canvas/Paper
  • Color
  • Still Life
  • Nature Study
  • Reproduction of Masters
  • Outdoor Study
  • Landscape