Student may apply for Financial Aid Program at any point of the course at KSA. A total of 8 (eight) FAP’s will be awarded to the students on yearly basis. Karachi School of Art will provide 25%-50% financial backing to the qualifying students through this program. A student can be disqualified and ejected if his/her name appears on the warning list for any reason.

The decision will be taken exclusively by the executive council after a thorough interviewing process and legal verification of the required documentation. Students on the FAP will not be eligible for other financial assistance programs provided by KSA.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Program forms are available from Administration.

Note: Financial Aid Program is is only for regular diploma students and not for short courses

Our Open Day is an opportunity for Prospective students and parents to come and see the Campus, get familiar with environment, talk to staff and students and get answers to any questions which remain after examining prospectus and website.

Faculty members of all departments and administrative staff remains available for queries and guidance. Choosing the right course for you is an essential part of any Open Day. You can get first hand information about courses, careers, student life, fees & funding, rules & regulations and facilities at KSA.

Student Council also volunteers on the Open Day for guided tours or any other support.