Aims & Ideas

In 1964, even being the largest city of the country, Karachi hardly had any institution dedicated to the education of art. The opportunities of the art education were available only in Lahore as two government supported institutions i.e. National college of Art and Fine Art department of Punjab University were operational since partition. It was felt as the need of the time to establish an institution dedicated to the education of art in Karachi to help people respond to their creative genius.

Karachi School of Art was founded on the belief that the opportunities of education should equally be provided to the young people belonging to the broadest section of society to live in actual reality of life and hold the greatest potential and are ultimately responsible to determine the direction and pace of progress of any nation.

It has been the basic aim of Karachi School of Art to educate as many young people as possible in the field of art so that they could contribute something positive to the social pattern in which they live, as conscious and useful individuals.

Another structural notion in the manifesto of the Karachi School of Art urges on the need to acknowledge and understand the worth of the local and regional traditions of art; superficially imported values and trends of imagery, aesthetics and criticism would not help any artist grow further.

Five decades of devotion and dedication rendered by Karachi School of Art are in fact an effort to restore the credibility of art and artist in our social structure.

To offer education of art with conceptual clarity and professional proficiency has been the prime pursuit of Karachi School of Art since ever.
At present there are hundreds of artists and designers serving in different fields of life, related to visual art, in the country and abroad, who completed their basic professional education at KSA, and there are hundreds of young artists to come in future who will prove themselves as successful and competent as their seniors.