About Us


The creation of KSA dates back to 4 decades. At the time when the concept of KSA was brought about, there was little know how regarding art in the region. There was lack of awareness amongst the people relating the various opportunities the field promised. Thus, KSA is rendered pioneer at promoting the education of arts and crafts and today enjoys being the proud bearer of many eminent artists who originated and shone during this long period.

The inborn talents of various amateur artists were recognized and appreciated here, which consequently welcomed fame.

KSA has been dedicatedly serving the country for the past 5 decades. Graduates of this institution are a part of various prestigious organisations. During their course at KSA the students brought about the best of their abilities through which they are benefiting the country. Not only in Pakistan, but the pass outs of KSA are working worldwide exhibiting a blatant display of their praise worthy skills.

Today, KSA stands amidst the best art institutions nationwide. It, without a trace of doubt can be attributed as being the reward for the endless untiring efforts putting solely by Ms. Rabia Zuberi.

Assuredly, KSA competes to be amongst the most prestigious institutions of the country. We hold a rich history in art and through a dedication, hard work, and sincerity towards the cause, we ensure a promising future.




Centre of Art Education in Karachi


years of history

Concept of Teaching

All department fine art, graphics textile and digital media aim to provide students with the best that an academic life can and should offer to meet the challenge of the practical life in the relevant fields of profession.
In all the departments a variety of training methods are used in combination of lectures, seminars, group discussions, visit to the art studios/workshops, galleries, museums, industrial centres, audio visual, individual tutorials and major studio sessions. All departments place emphasis on developing the abilities in individual students to work practically and read widely with guidance from their teachers, learn to formulate and express their own opinions.

All assignments in the classes are launched with clear objectives and goals and are concluded in a session of jury.
Students are allowed to move with full intellectual freedom to bring up the solution of academic problems under close observation of professional teachers. Daily marking system keeps academic activity always charged with positive spirit. Conclusion of daily class activity is accumulated in sessional marks, which contribute to a major portion in exams of both terms in an academic year.

Staff-students contact remains relax, friendly and each student enjoys the benefit of individual attention. Our aim is to educate and inspire students to read, study, think, practice, argue and explore the subjects for them to develop individual interests and confidence in professional skills and also to develop in all graduates, the skills of organization, imagination, understanding and realization of commitment in general life.

Our Logo

A square, divided into nine units symbolises by parts, the diverse aspects of Art as self-contained disciplines and as whole, the composite square, shows the intrinsic correlation of different facets of art with one another.

Apparent two-dimensional dispositions suggest the real space and invisible third dimension relates to the intellect of the artist and beholder.

Square symbolises in its archetypal value, the tendencies of permanence, security, honesty, integrity, morality, balance and as well as rational organisation of space.

Colour of the logo, Terracotta Red, pays tribute to the evolution of art over thousands of years and proverbially rich art history in the region.

A geometric structure.