Graphic Design

Graphic Design


The course offers hands on experience on two most widely used desktop publishing tools in the industry; Illustrator and Photoshop. This course will enable you to develop the skills required to enter the booming world of Graphic Design.


Anzal Afzaal is a versatile digital artist. His expertise varies from computer graphics to video editing to animation. Alongside teaching, he is also working with Pyramid Production and works freelance for many celebrities and brands including Agha Ali, Hina Altaf, Chippa and Daraz. Anzal is also a regular faculty member in Digital Media department at Karachi School of Art.




Vector Graphics

(Adobe Illustrator)
  • Document Setup
  • Templates & Art boards
  • Creating Objects, Guides and Layers
  • Object Editing Essentials
  • Transformation
  • Duplication & Alignment
  • Colors, Gradients & Patterns
  • Different Strokes
  • Shape Builder and Path Finder
  • Custom Shape Creation
  • Drawing & Refining Paths
  • Type, Styles & Typography
  • Working with Images & Marks

Pixel Graphics

(Adobe Photoshop)
  • Navigation and Resolution
  • Basic Color Correction
  • Painting with the Edit Tools
  • Clone, Heal, and Patch
  • Using the Selection Tools
  • Introducing Layers
  • Opacity and Blend Modes
  • Layer Styles
  • Layer Marks and Channels
  • Transform and Wrap
  • Creating and Editing Type
  • Special Type Effects
  • Shadows and Highlights