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 - The test comprises of 2 sections.
 - Total Time allowed for the test is 60 minutes. No extra time will be given.
 - There is no negative marking.
 - Double marking will be considered wrong.
 - To change your answer, erase completely your previous answer.
 - All questions are compulsory.
 - Use of mobile phones, calculators and any other electronic device is not allowed during the test.
Part A – Practical (50%) 30 mins
Drawing (line, shading, composition)
• Make a freehand drawing with pencil of the objects placed before you on the provided sheet. 
Part B – Written (50%) 30 mins
1. Which of the following tennis tournament is played on grass?
    (A) US Open   (B) Rolland Garros   (C) Wimbledon   (D) Australian Open
2. Who was the first Mughal Emperor?
    (A) Akber   (B) Jahangir   (C) Shah Jehan   (D) Babur 
3. Rearrange the following letters to make a single word and then choose the category in which it belongs.   RACTOR 
    (A) City   (B) Animal   (C) Vegetable   (D) Person 
4. Synonym of PROPHECY 
    (A) Prediction   (B) Past   (C) Death   (D) Doom
5. If the day before yesterday is two days after Monday then what day is it today?
    (A) Monday   (B) Tuesday   (C) Wednesday   (D) Friday
6. Japanese is to Asian as Egyptian is to:
    (A) American   (B) African   (C) Country   (D) European
7. Who created Mona Lisa? 
    (A) Michelangelo   (B) Picasso   (C) Raphael   (D) Leonardo
8. Pablo Picasso was
    (A) American   (B) German   (C) Spanish   (D) French
9. If you throw a dice, what is the probability of “Three Number’?
    (A) 1/6   (B) 3/6   (C) 6/6   (D) 2/6
10. Divide 10 by 1/2 and then add 10, what do you get?
    (A) 100   (B) 10   (C) 30   (D) 50