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 - For second year and fourth year, SBTE’s examination policy will apply
 - In case of failing more than 3 subjects student will have to repeat the year
 - If a student fails 3 or fewer subjects, then failed subjects must be cleared in supplementary examinations
 - In third year it is mandatory to clear mini thesis for promotion to next level
 - If a student fails mini thesis and clear rest of the subjects then supplementary thesis will be conducted
 - If a student fails mini thesis along with any other subject then he/she will have to repeat the year
 - If a student clear mini thesis and fails any other subject then he/she will appear in supplementary exams
 - Student will have to pay supplementary exam charges of Rs. 500/- per subject and Rs. 1000/- for mini thesis
 - If a student is unable to clear supplementary exam than he/she must clear the failed subject next year
 - A student must clear all failed subjects to be eligible for final year thesis
 - For all examinations a panel will be formed and will be responsible for conduction of exams
 - Admit cards will be issued for all examinations
All studio subject include sessional marks in their total examination marks
Minimum passing marks are 50% for studio subjects and 40% for theory subjects
Grading Scale:
Above 80% 70% - 79.9% 60%-69.9% 50%-59.9% 40%-49.9% Below 40%
A+ A B C D F



Students’ attendance criteria are as follows:
 - 75% above          No Penalty
 - 60%-74%            PKR 500/=
 - 50%-59%            PKR 1000/=
 - Below 50%          Repeat (course or year as per case)
Attendance summary will be announced after every 3 months
After application of fine no further attendance will be marked unless fine cleared